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If you read newspapers, you’re aware that the financial advice industry struggles to manage conflicts caused by ownership, targets and remuneration. Accountants, as a profession, have generally managed to avoid these conflicts by not providing financial advice to their clients. Instead, accountants refer clients to specialist advisers and mortgage brokers.

It seems like a good strategy. Is it really?

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What clients say...

  • “When it came time to make some big financial decisions, I thought a small investment in seeking advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of finance would be money well spent. I was looking for someone who was independent, not someone who was primarily focused on pushing financial products on to me.

    Justin was able to do a thorough analysis of my personal financial situation, and offer smart advice that holistically considered my entire circumstances. I find financial matters confusing, but I was able to walk away from my consultation with clarity in how to deal with a tricky financial situation.”
    Craig – Peregian Beach