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Photo Credit: social.englishme

Photo Credit: social.englishme


This morning I read an interesting article “7 Ways to Pick a Better Adviser”.

Knowing how to work out a good from bad advisor seems to be the biggest challenge people face in getting financial advice. That’s certainly what most people tell me.

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Get Financially Savvy with these Free Financial Blogs

Beyond gaining the knowledge to make better day-to-day financial decisions, teaching yourself to be more financially savvy will make it far less likely that you will get ripped off or make an error costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

And you don’t have to read a tonne of books or study a diploma.  Fortunately, there is an excellent source of free information on the net in the form of blogs and financial websites that provide regular advice and tips.

If you are not familiar with modern blogs, don’t dismiss the idea because you think the content is only written by amateurs.  Many of the best financial commentators provide their thoughts and insight via their own blogs. There are also newspaper and magazine websites with financial sections that produce great content aimed at the everyday Australian.

And you only need 15 minutes a week.  Join the email list of 2-3 blogs that you feel speak to your values or meet a gap in your current knowledge.  Then simply leave time each week to review any updates.

There are several benefits of reading financial blogs and websites.

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