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Are You Sure You're Getting Independent Advice?

How do you know which options are best for you?

Should I focus on paying out the mortgage or save more in superannuation?

Will I have enough to comfortably retire? 

Do I need more insurance? Or less, or different types?

Should I borrow money to invest or can I avoid the risk?

Where is the best place for my money?

Most people get stuck trying to work out the best option. Then they do nothing, for fear of making the wrong decision.

Doing nothing costs you more in the long run.

You need to get professional advice, but…


Will your advisor consider every possible strategy?  

Most people worry their advisor will lean towards the strategies that pay them the most.

Using an independent advisor who is not aligned with any bank, property developer, lender, insurer (or any other type of financial institution) will help ensure every possible strategy is considered.

In particular, you should use an independent advisor who won’t charge an asset based fee (a % of your portfolio).

In addition, you must scrutinise how your advisor is paid. Some advice firms use every opportunity to take fees from every part of your finances – your mortgage, insurance, super and investment. This drives bias towards particular strategies and, ultimately, can drain your wealth enough to cancel out any potential return.

Your planner must disclose everything they earn from your advice, at the presentation of your plan. But often, people are surprised by fees disclosed at the eleventh hour.

From the beginning, you should be able to have an open conversation about all fees and agree to a level of service and cost before you get any advice.


The best advice may not be local

You no longer need to risk getting conflicted advice from your local institutionally-aligned financial advisor.

Thanks to the internet, you can meet the advisor of your choice anywhere in Australia.

I travel to each capital city regularly, but end up holding 60% of my client meetings over online video and phone. Most of my clients prefer it, as they are busy, travel frequently or live in remote areas.

It’s convenient and you’ll have access to me wherever you live.


How we begin…

Contact us and let us know what you need help with. If you are simply looking for direction, help with a financial decision or a second opinion, we may book you in for an hour’s consultation.

If it seems you will ultimately need more comprehensive advice, we will book in a complementary discussion where we will get to know your situation and work out what advice you need.

We will email you a Letter of Engagement outlining your goals and how we propose to address each one. I’ll also explain all advice costs in writing, before you agree to proceed.

Once you’re a client and we have collected and analysed all your information, we will book a strategy meeting where I will explain the specific ways to achieve each goal or overcome any challenges you are facing.

Once you are comfortable with your strategy, we will form your written financial plan. Once we all agree, we then implement your strategy and manage your progress towards each goal.

A number of strategies may put you on the path to achieving each goal and we will explore and outline these in the advice. Strategies may include cash flow management, savings and investment, tax considerations, retirement planning, wealth protection and more. We will explore specific structures, products and investments that will help achieve each goal.

At all times, I will ensure you understand how to avoid the fees and costs that can drain your wealth.

As I’m an independent advisor and only paid by you, I will recommend what I think is best for you.


To find out more, contact me now or enter your details below and I’ll be in touch.

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