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Get Help With a Specific Decision or Your Overall Financial Strategy

Rather than having to commit to an ongoing professional relationship with a financial advisor, sometimes all you need is a second opinion, a “financial health check” or help with a specific decision.

You may want an advisor to review your overall financial strategy. Or, you may not have a financial strategy and simply want a review of your circumstances to gain feedback and ideas on what you could be doing better.

We offer hourly consultations at a cost of $330 per hour. We will gather your information before the meeting and prepare so that you’re getting as much value as possible. One hour is enough for most people to get the help they need.

If we identify a more complex need that requires us to arrange a specific product recommendation (eg. super, insurance, mortgage or investment), then we will subtract the consultation cost from the cost of any further work.

People book these meetings to answer questions such as:

  • Should we sell or keep our property?
  • How are we tracking for retirement?
  • Are we putting enough into super? What’s the best way for us to contribute?
  • Should we focus on super or mortgage repayments?
  • How can I bring the costs of my insurance down? Do I have enough and the right types of cover?
  • My bank will lend me enough to buy the property I want, but can I really afford it? And, what does that mean for my other goals?
  • Do I really need my SMSF? Are there other super options that cost less and are less hassle?

Contact us to book an appointment in person, by video or on the phone.

Read what others say...

  • “When it came time to make some big financial decisions, I thought a small investment in seeking advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of finance would be money well spent. I was looking for someone who was independent, not someone who was primarily focused on pushing financial products on to me.

    Justin was able to do a thorough analysis of my personal financial situation, and offer smart advice that holistically considered my entire circumstances. I find financial matters confusing, but I was able to walk away from my consultation with clarity in how to deal with a tricky financial situation.”
    Craig – Peregian Beach
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