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Find Out How to Avoid Trailing Commission Altogether

Australians pay over $3 billion a year in trailing commission  

You can bet some of that money comes from you.


It’s possible to replace financial products that pay trailing commission and, in some cases, switch off the trailing commission completely so you retain your investment or super.

Where you can’t avoid trailing commission, such as an insurance policy you should retain, you can get commission refunded if you’re a client of an independent financial planner.

You’re probably paying someone ongoing commission on at least 1-2 of the following: your mortgage, insurance, superannuation or managed funds.

But, there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to sorting this out. Every class of product has different rules and everyone’s situation is different.

You cannot get past commission back, so contact me today and I’ll talk you through a process for working out how to eliminate commission you are paying. With each week that passes, you waste more of your money on commission and it’s gone forever.


The Problem With the Commission Refund Companies

As many commission refund services charge you a % of your refund, there is little incentive for these companies to tell you how to avoid commission altogether.

And a few of them try to sell you products, such as mortgages, with a part-refund of commission, rather than setting you up with no commission at all (which is far cheaper, even in the short term).


Work out your potential ‘refund’ on the Commission Calculator below…


And Contact me today.

Estimate Your Commission Refund

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Happy Clients, Big Refunds

  • “I was quite uncomfortable in transferring my insurances to an unknown business…at all time Justin was helpful, to the stage that we have nearly become new best friends.”

    Beth Turner – Gold Coast
  • “I get back over $3,000 every year from my insurance.”

    Mark Aubrey – North Adelaide
  • “Justin helped tailor a solution that has me better covered for less money.”

    Chris Milner – Waterloo
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